Project Based Global Teams

  You become an entrepreneur to raise and explore your potential and also to create wealth. This means that you need to have mature systems from the get go. This doesntquite happen in an agency.

  In a team with average age of 21 and attrition as high as 60%, sustained qualitative delivery and commitment is very very hard to find.

  We look for project based team structures where Individuals with very strong track record in their respective fields of content, design, copy, development and more come together and deliver per project. The project can be a yearly retainer or a 2 month product launch.

  In all cases we disclose and present the team with pride and ownership. This team is the best that can be co-created with objective, time and budgets in place.

  We are not in the business of invisible outsourcing to the best people who never get the credit.

  I matter and you matter.

  I being in Sales and Thought and You being in Delivery Finesse backed by Metrics, Results and Real Value.

  Its a partnership and not a competition.