Get Inducted

When you want to understand the philosophy and ways of working, its key that you understand how we do what we do.

Our approach is holistic and we dont just do Digital but operate from the whole person. There is nothing called personal and professional. These boundaries are man made.

To make a whole person and System we look at:

Body :Go off sugar and Flour. Low fat is NOT the full picture WATCH
Mind :Mindfulness is not just a word. Here and now is the way to go WATCH
Money :Have more to do more! WATCH
Agreements :Yes its not just about the offer letter and contracts WATCH
Balance :Aim for it atleast! WATCH
Consumer 2020 :She is demanding and quicker and more evolved than you! WATCH
Metrics :We made them function wise as we believe in results and keep ourselves accountable at all times
This is also part of you work KRA QC SHEET
Digital Marketing :Digital is NOT about posting on FB: SOCIAL MEDIA PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT

We love #FightMediocrity:)
Bring your 100% on the table, not just your MIND or Professional self!